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Police Public Relations: Now more than ever

Everyone within a police, sheriff’s or public safety agency, has a role and responsibility for good public and media relations. If you are in public service or have loved ones and friends that are serving their communities, you’ve likely felt and understand the impact that negative incidents locally & nationally have on everyone. Your community stands with you most of the time and are ready to help in any way they can. Good Police Public Relations & community engagement can be as easy as a kind gesture, brief connection, shared experience, etc. A police officer in Texas was at a...

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Firefighter’s Yard Work Brings Tears, Goes Viral!

Firefighters and EMTs in Baytown, Texas respond to many 911 emergency calls. A recent medical emergency call proved it wasn't just another assignment. The family of John Mc Cormick says it was nothing less than extraordinary. Acts of kindness by Baytown emergency personnel helped restore their faith in humanity and remind everyone of the goodness of strangers. John Mc Cormick, 65 has a long history of heart problems and had undergone a quadruple bypass. Mc Cormick’s lingering health issues have continued despite his best efforts. Mc Cormick was mowing his yard recently when he suffered a...

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PHOENIX – Police departments and other law enforcement agencies needing to recruit quality officers, deputies and agents are getting a cutting-edge boost in their efforts. Police Recruiter Boot Camp™ is a 3-day progressive, unconventional police recruiting seminar. This unique police training course aids law enforcement fire and public safety recruiting officials in marketing, communications, branding, promotion and more. Chris Ryan – is an internationally recognized expert in police media relations, communications, marketing and image management. Mr. Ryan developed Police Recruiter Boot...

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