Specialized Police PR Service Helps at Crunch Time

Police PR Crisis


Police PR Crisis

It’s vitally important for police and other law enforcement agencies to maintain strong positive relationships with their communities and the public that they serve. Protecting the public, maintaining law and order and assuring good quality of life is job one. , of course, a critical job that has to be done (and done well!) at all times. In the course of providing this vital service, it’s not at all uncommon to run into public relations challenges. If ignored or handled improperly, these minor irritations can develop into serious problems. This is why having strong expertise in crisis communications on your team is a huge asset.

Is A Public Relations Company Specializing In Crisis Communications For Police The Answer?

For most police departments, handling a little bit of public relations work internally is par for the course. However, exceptional situations requiring special care also come up regularly. Take these issues, for example:

– Policing local government (e.g. arresting elected officials)

– Property damage and fatalities coming from high-speed chases

– Justified use of deadly force

When your department is dealing with issues like these, keeping the public properly informed and giving them the right perspective on developing events is positively vital. Every law enforcement organization – from police to public safety departments to sheriffs – serves its community first, and the members of the community need to be reminded of that. When exceptional situations are handled poorly, they can erode public faith in your office and make it harder for your officers to do their jobs properly.

Law enforcement activity winds up on the news all the time, and the nature of the coverage isn’t always positive. This isn’t something you can necessarily control, either. Full disclosure of all relevant information isn’t always the best course; in some cases it’s not even possible or legal. While authorizing a high-ranking member of your organization to interact with journalists and members of the public is a common solution, such officials aren’t necessarily experts at handling public relations.

Prepare In Advance: Hire An Effective Public Relations Firm With Law Enforcement Experience

Our company has been handling public relations matters for numerous law enforcement agencies for years. We have a great deal of experience with streamlining communications between law enforcement and the public. We already understand how risky this business is and we’re familiar with the kind of negative impact a poorly-chosen communication can have.

When considered carefully, public relations may actually be more important for law enforcement professionals at the state, local, and federal level than it is for elected officials. Keeping the public safe may well depend on effective communication. In the course of their duties, upstanding and professional officers may accidentally “muddy the waters” with a single poorly-chosen phrase. This sort of damage can snowball rapidly, and unless it’s handled with care it can develop into a long-term problem.

The areas where PR expertise can help your department are numerous. From crafting and spreading public statements and press releases to handling press interviews, experienced public relations input can make a difference. You need to bear in mind that specialization in handling the particular needs of law enforcement is important, too.

When you have to handle important communications in a crisis situation, staying on top of a developing story is vital. Organizing the necessary public relations assets needs to be done quickly. Our firm can play a strong role in this early part of the communications challenge. Acting fast is often the best way to minimize the impact of a potentially-threatening issue, and having us standing by to help well ensure the best possible response times.

See How Our Services Aid Law Enforcement With Public Relations

It’s a great idea to familiarize yourself with the kind of help we can provide before your public relations needs become urgent. We’d be happy to guide you through our different areas of expertise and our history of working with law enforcement agencies. If we can earn your confidence, we’ll be ready and able to assist you whenever you need PR assistance.

Police PR Crisis

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