Police PR Services


Online & On-scene Public Relations Consultations
Back-up PIO
News Release writing & editing
Social Media Assistance
Crisis Public Relations
Damage Control
No-Nonsense Opinions
Real World Information


Consultation Topics:

Complete Consultation Topic List:
  • Response to a viral video
  • Write / edit news release/
  • How to make a great recruiting video
  • Should our chief/ Sheriff do to the interview
  • Write / develop talking points
  • Preparing for a news conference
  • Setting up our PIO office
  • Selecting our new PIO
  • How to get national news coverage
  • Using social media to get a wage increase
  • Pitching our local story to national media
  • Handling a local news media crisis
  • Handling a national news media crisis
  • How to set up our social media accounts
  • How to unofficially get our message out
  • Building our social media audience
  • Tactfully tell our Chief/Sheriff’s will they’re not as good as they think
  • How to brand our agency
  • Using surrogates and influencers to tell our story
  • The pitfalls of a live news
  • Right/wrong time to tell bad news
  • How to not become the news story
  • Responding without criticizing another agency
  • Piggybacking a national news story for local coverage
  • Preparing for a national news interview
  • Preparing for a local news interview
  • Handling news media when our officer/deputy is killed
  • Choose your battles: when the flight and when to let it go
  • Is our local story about to go national/international?
  • How to handle a perception problem
  • Handling a racially charged issue
  • Putting out a social media firestorm
  • Responding to a officer involved shooting
  • Responding to a pursuit/ chase gone wrong
  • We were misquoted or misinterpreted. Now what?